Fine Mist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser With Auto Shut Off Safety Feature

$32.99 $15.18

  • If you love fresh smelling, clean air, then this diffuser is for you!
  • The perfect aromatherapy oil diffuser to help you create a soothing ambiance
  • Produces fine mist that helps you get the most benefits from your essential oils
  • Easy to use. Just fill with water, drop some essential oil, plug it in and press to start!
  • Beautifully lit with Led light to create an even more relaxing atmosphere
  • There are 7 different LED color settings you can choose from
  • You can turn off the LED light if you so desire and just enjoy the mist!
  • 120 ml. capacity
  • Delivers mist up to 6 hours
  • Improves the quality of air in your home
  • Prevents dry skin and sinuses
  • This ultrasonic diffuser has an auto shut off feature when the water gets to the minimum capacity for safety and peace of mind.


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